One Second per Day


—Krystal McLellan


Inspiration by the Sea

“Solitude. Writing. Imagination. Companionship. Meaningful conversation. And if that’s not enough (it is), there’s the sea, the bay filled with colorful wooden boats, the street food. Add in the meals cheerfully offered up three times a day, and you get complete freedom to be creative. And inspired.”

—Lauris Burns

One Week of Writing

“I stayed at the Ricardo Palma house in Ancón for a week at the end of October. A good chunk of my time was spent letting my mind wander as I listened to the ocean in the veranda’s hammock. Letting myself simply sleep can be problematic in terms of scheduling at home, so finding the peace to just imagine again was a special experience by itself.

That’s part of what makes this opportunity so special.

Academic, workshop-based, structured retreats are valuable. But ‘retreats’ in the truest sense of the word, retreats that offer a combination of profound solitude and intimate community… those are much more difficult to find.

Rosalee, in the Ricardo Palma house, is offering the latter: a true retreat.

I would recommend a stay in the Ricardo Palma house to any writer, casual or professional, seeking inspiration and invigorating company.”

—Jessica Federle

Enjoying Reconnection

“I’m now working on a new story and really staying reconnected with that newly found centre self in Ancón.”

— Alison L.